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Fun and Games

Please check this page often; more games will be added soon!


Here is a Bingo Card you can print out.

Materials needed: Bingo card, pennies (or any item to cover boxes), coffee can or shoe box, scraps of paper or index cards.

Bingo: To review any list of vocabulary - colors, numbers, animals, anything - print out a Bingo card.

Color Bingo: Fill in each box with colors (your three year old can easily scribble a color in each box and say the Spanish color three times as he does so). Toss the crayons you used into a shoe box or coffee can and take turns pulling them out to mark the correct spot -

Anything Else Bingo: If your child can draw, have him draw pictures of items from his vocabulary list. Otherwise, use clipart or stickers, or draw stick figures yourself as you say the words together three times while you draw.

Next, write the words on scraps of paper and toss them in the coffee can or shoe box - you can read the words as you put them in one at a time as well for another round of review.

Matching Game

Here is a page you can print to help you create matching cards.

Use an English Matching game that you might already have and play it in French to practice vocabulary. If you don't have a matching game then you and your child can make your own.

Materials needed: Paper, crayons and scissors.

Draw and color whatever you desire to practice, animals, colors or something different. Make 2 of each item you draw. Start out with 5 or 6 items. Then cut them out into little squares. Turn all of the squares upside down. Then start the game. Every time your toddler turns one over, he has to say the word and then look for the match.

You can save the squares you made and add new squares the next time you play, to reinforce old vocabulary.