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Yvonne's Teaching Blog, with frequently updated tips on teaching language to your children, can be found at:


Here's a sneak peek into Yvonne's blog:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Spooky Halloween French Vocabulary
Halloween is in the air and it's all my children are talking about...what they will dress up as on Halloween and all about the Halloween decorations around our neighborhood. I am taking this opportunity to teach them a few Halloween words in French. Here are just a few that you can teach your children as well.

the pumpkin - la citrouille
the ghost - le fantôme
the witch - la sorcière
the spider - l'araignée

A nice activity you can do to really reinforce these words is to make Halloween cut-out cookies and everytime they make a witch, say 'la sorcière'. In no time they will be pointing out when you are making 'sorcière'. Be creative and have fun!!

Happy Halloween!