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About the Authors

Yvonne and her 
children Yvonne Manette Batot has always been fascinated with the study of language. As a young girl she often visited the library with her mother to read books written in any foreign language she could get her hands on. Yvonne later pursued her passion for language by earning a BA in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving her MA in Sociology, Yvonne worked as an English teacher for the Texas Public School system and also taught English as a Second Language in Szombathely, Hungary. Following her dream of studying language and experiencing different cultures, Yvonne, her husband and two children have lived in various cities in France, Switzerland, Ireland, the United States and Canada. She and her family currently live in Texas, though they also enjoy spending time at their cottage in northern Ontario.

Madame Batot and Sra. Gose teamed up after the release of Flip Flop Spanish when it became apparent that young children were thirsting for a teaching tool with French as a target language as well as Spanish. They have enjoyed a growing friendship through the project of studying and tweaking every detail in this proven curriculum for children and their parents.

Yvonne and her son in Paris
Yvonne and her son in Paris